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Charlie Christian - The Art Of Jazz Guitar book

Charlie Christian - The Art Of Jazz Guitar. Charlie Christian

Charlie Christian - The Art Of Jazz Guitar

ISBN: 0793519756, | 32 pages | 1 Mb

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Charlie Christian - The Art Of Jazz Guitar Charlie Christian
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

In 1939 an unknown young man named Charlie Christian joined the Benny Goodman Sextet on the new electric version of the six-string instrument playing exquisite, harmonically complex solo lines as if on a saxophone or clarinet. >> next page · all on one page. Why should a young person who's learning guitar listen to Charlie Christian? Jazz guitar legend Barney Kessel details his encounters Charlie Christian and describes the guitarist's technique, personality, and legacy. The two tenors are Herschel Evans The film also presents one piece of music each artist recorded that highlights his great talents. The rhythm section consists of Fats Waller, piano (died at 39 in 1943); Charlie Christian, guitar (died at 25 in 1942); Jimmy Blanton, bass (died at 23 in 1942); and Chick Webb, drums (died at 34 in 1939) who was not available for this recording ( he never recorded this tune), so Big Sid Catlett sat in for him. Photo courtesy Getty Images from Paris Jazz, a Guide by Luke MIner. It's just anyone that's interested in music or any art form – it wouldn't matter what it would be – you gain an awful lot by studying those people that preceded you. I went to his home and he played me Benny Goodman's “Rose Room” featuring Charlie Christian on guitar and when I heard that solo I realised that the sound I had been hearing was jazz and that experience changed my direction in life. Is there a distinct melodic difference (single or chordal lines) between swing era styles of guitar (Charlie Christian, Django, Oscar Moore, etc) versus players who began thriving in the bebop era (Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, Wes to say, but forgot), that bebop was in fact the start of jazz becoming "an art form", more intellectual and sadly less popular and NOT made for dancing. Arts and Entertainment reviews and news. The jazz guitar festival and summer school began in the year 2000 when some extra money was made available by means of the Millennium Lottery Fund via the Arts Council of Wales. King, Chet Atkins and Les Paul—they all have one thing in common. Well, it wouldn't matter whether it was a young guy or not, Jas. Think of 20th century guitar greats—Charlie Christian, B. It might seriously be the only genuinely American art form thus far. A year earlier, a slightly older man by the name of. The last years of the 1930s were milestones in the development of the jazz guitar.